Dress and Smile Makers Collection

Good afternoon, today is Sunday, the weather is not the best we hope you come back soon the sun.
Today I decided to wear a dress Shein very cute and playful but also very convenient.
I also want to tell you about products that help change the world for us women.
The lubricants by Smile Makers Collection, the brand is paying a lot of our personal hygiene, as we care to use a good cream to our face, we should do the same with intimate products, it is important to use a product with no harmful substances , why the brand has created this collection, created with pure products and natural anti irritants.
After use, you will have the silky skin, because the lubricants can also be used on the body, for massages, did not you know?
The brand offers three types of lubricants, light, medium and rich, according to our needs.
In graceful glass bottles, very resistant. Lasting, because they are not immediately absorbed.
The brand has not stopped mica! It proposes massagers in  silicone, unique design, a very fine design.
Here to do a note. There are many brands when it comes to silicone massagers exaggerate a lot, proposing a design often very vulgar, perhaps even offensive. This will go a masseur makes silicone an object to be ashamed of, smiley makers devised a very simple design and its masseurs are colorful and cheerful, in fact by far much better, for us women!
It proposes massage therapists of different shapes, because he thinks all women.
For me it was a discovery, I suggest you take a look!


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