Sweet moments

There is a part of the day in which I love to photograph the moment, in a different way from usual, I’m there behind the camera but something that inspires me at that moment.

this week I had little time for me and I have to fix!
I show you a nice and sweet sweatshirt, by Romwe I love it is very soft.
I show often on instagram many photos where is my Moog Paris watch that changes every day, having the belts are changed as we want, I find it a very good idea.
The aroma diffuser by E-prance, with light that keeps me company every day. My room has a good smell and a nice atmosphere.
I’m bleaching my teeth, oh yes I needed and these FreshWhite strips‘m succeeding very well, I tried to be very much a miracle for my teeth!
My cover with keyboard by Uni-Smartech comfortable and has a beautiful pink color!
My mask for the face, Oz Naturals that cleans my face.


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